week 04 - in the Polish Culture Centre

The fourth week of the project started with moving into new space of Polish Culture House which refers to the real size of the installation. We got huge studio, where we placed the dance floor in the size of 8x16m. All of us got overwhelmed with the amount of space and the common use of it, in opposition to previous studio Kristinoss, where we admired the privacy and cosiness. I say, the maProject is travelling on the map of Vilnius, aiming for its final destination on the 18th of September. Its also a new experience of the city, because the streets in the old city centre, full of bars, restaurants and shops, has changed into the neighbourhood of office buildings and living apartments.

The creative process went into the direction of placing existing scenes in space and time of the performance. Real size of the installation ground floor allows to develop the dramaturgy and to imagine the possibilities of playing with audience. Tuesday was a day of the first informal try out of the project. Choreography, music and video. For the first time we could see the images from the Dutch video artist. Morphing faces, details of breathing, gently moving bodies and maps. First time we could try, play, change and put together all this elements.

It was hard working week. Focus, concentration, repetitions, detailed working process and in the same time lots of satisfaction of the slowly coming image of the performance.

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